About Us

Perinno Labs is a German and Swedish technology startup using augmented reality and artificial intelligence to create the next generation collaboration platform. The platform caters to numerous use cases for sales, remote support, collaborative product design, interactive virtual training and education. The platform is designed to be device agnostic and can be used on web-browsers, Microsoft HoloLens, iOS and Android devices.

We are a team of technology enthusiast with industrial and research experience in the field of wireless communication, software development, autonomous vehicles, cyber-security, and finance. We believe that innovation can be fostered by creating an atmosphere of openness, trust, respect, and safety where diverse attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors can be explored and discussed.

Perinno – Munich Office

Platanenstraße 64
82024 Taufkirchen

Perinno – Stockholm Office

Himlabacken 5A
17078 Solna