Perinno Collaboration Platform

Perinno’s platform caters to numerous use cases for sales, remote support, collaborative product design, interactive virtual training and education. The platform is designed to be device agnostic and can be used on web-browsers, Microsoft HoloLens, iOS and Android devices.


Perinno Microsoft HoloLens App


 Available for HoloLens on Windows App Store.


App Features:

  • Video + Audio Call to Uno Web App
  • Capability to receive and display images in 3D HoloLens AR environment
  • Capability to receive, display and manipulate 3D objects in the AR environment
  • Display annotations
  • Voice Commands
  • Hand gesture support for model manipulation
  • Display of the shared screen of the Web App
  • Receive and display chat messages
  • Receive 3D model manipulation commands from Autodesk interface at the Web App and reflect the manipulation


Perinno Web App

It is a browser based application. Click here to open. Currently supported on Google Chrome Version 55 and above.


App Features:

  • Secure login through Google Firebase with gmail, facebook, github, twitter, or personal email accounts
  • Video and Audio Functionality: Video Call, disable video, mute audio
  • Send Chat messages to Perinno HoloLens App
  • Send Image to Perinno HoloLens App
  • Send 3D object to Perinno HoloLens App from local computer or from Dropbox
  • Augmented Reality (AR) based annotation in the 3D environment of HoloLens
  • Share screen to HoloLens
  • Autodesk integration for 3D model manipulation that will result in model manipulation on the HoloLens side
  • Video Recording of the incoming video call

Perinno iOS App

Perinno Android App

Perinno’s tracker image can be found here.